Thrifty Decorating with Garage Sale Finds

I have Garage sale goodies all over my house. Sometimes they started out as treasure, but often I have to apply some tlc.
I could get carried away with picture frames. The big, chunky molding type frames are my favorite. I found a huge one for just a few dollars. I spray painted it white and just held onto it, until…
I turned it into a chalkboard of course. Maybe you’re tired of seeing chalkboards but around here we actually use them a lot. This one is in the perfect place, across from our large kitchen island, to write a menu for a party. (Yes, everything is about the upcoming baby shower at this point.)
So many to choose from but I have to show you my repurposed sewing table. I bought it for $15. at a sale. It was in their garage and in rough shape. My intention was to put it in my garage and use it as a potting table. But then Rob worked a little magic on it and I had to have it somewhere more deserving.
It started out like this.
After a lot of sanding and removing rotted plywood on the bottom, it went to this.
Finally, here it is in the “nook” of my bedroom where I sew.
This is actually a sitting area that we never sit in, no matter what furniture I place in there. I decided to use it for a practical purpose. I get to look out the window at my side yard while I'm crafting. On the bottom of the table you can see that we added scrap wood. My serger and printer are parked down there for now.
I also put up a bulletin board that I found at a sale. I covered it with burlap and upholstery tacks. It felt too cluttered with the traditional pictures, etc. on it. Instead I hung up all of my twine and string where it’s easily accessible.
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