$40. China Hutch Makeover

  Here she was in all her glory! Before you get too excited about the price, look closely.



Eww. That top is a mess. She also has a front leg that looks like something started to chew on it but never finished the job. And they actually wanted $75. for it originally!



I made the $40. offer and they wouldn’t take it. Ok, less work for me. A couple of days later, they emailed me and said they would take the forty. It was a good deal (for them).

I thought that I would make it easy on myself, since my project pages are as long as Santa’s naughty list, and just spray paint it with primer and then paint. That puppy took like nine cans! Oh, well it’s done now and I love it.

IMG_2431 IMG_2434 

IMG_2433 I added a little chicken wire where the glass doors once were for a frenchy feel. I was planning on changing out the door handles but actually liked the shape, once they were painted. It really adds a lot of storage and style to my dining room. Is it my dream piece? Not really, but it is my dream price!


And yes those are my Thanksgiving plates. I’ve had these pictures since then and I’m glad I’ve finally shared them. Phew!

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