Quick Dining Room Glamorizing!

My Dining room has not been my favorite room in the house lately. I don't really have my "first" choice in furniture, so I was just passing it by each day without much thought. Well, no more. Two new thrift store vases inspired a mini-makeover!
My petite China cabinet sits on one side, so I just loaded it up with everything cream, white, and silver that I could find. Coral and seashells fit in perfectly. Instant summer!
Here they are. I found the white vase for $1. and the periwinkle blue one for 50 cents. Sage and Oregano from my herb garden = free greenery.
My creative Daughter-in-law made these cake plates for Mother's Day. The Botanical print plates tie in perfectly with the prints I put on the wall.
Also from my Daughter-in-law are these Botanical prints that she had in a book bought on Ebay. I had the frames already, so it was a perfect match.
The lamps are my favorite part. They were in my bedroom and they used to be dark brown with off-white, suede shades. I spray painted the bases gloss white and then used a glue stick (I couldn't find my double stick tape) and put the wallpaper around the shades. I found this wallpaper at a garage sale and I've been hanging onto it until I found the perfect project. It was an easy fix because of the shape of the shades and also easy to change out if I get tired of it. I do have a reputation for changing things around a lot, in decorating that is! So there you have it. I only spent $1.50 on my glammed up dining room. I have more ideas , such as chair slipcovers and new table linens, but those will have to wait a little while. Use what you have in a new way and you might just end up loving it! Until next time...

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