Craving Green in Winter

I'm not very patient in the winter. Waiting on spring has never been my strong point. I grew up in a sub-tropical climate and you can take the girl out of the tropics but...
So I decided to round up a lot of my indoor houseplants and place them in my bedroom for a "springy" feeling.

They're easier to take care of in one location also. Bonus! I run the humidifier over here because the house is so dry right now. On the other side of the room, where there isn't enough sunlight, I added some mossy rocks and an artichoke on my nightstand.
In the fall I quickly put some succulents in a couple of apothecary jars. I keep them on my sofa table. They're doing well but in need of a terrarium makeover soon. I LOVE terrariums!

It's been a about a year since I've posted here. I was working, thought I lost my blog, didn't lose my blog, did lose my dot com, and now I'm back. I also started listing some Vintage goodies in my Etsy shop again. So please visit often. Stay warm, or cool, whatever fits.