Master Bathroom Remodel

I’ve been running around trying to make decisions concerning our Master bath remodel. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been living with a concrete floor for longer than I ever thought I would. I won’t get into it now but suffice to say that it involves carpet in the bathroom (who does that?), two floods, a “restoration” company tearing up walls and shower tile, lots of spiders, and it only goes on and on from there!

Anyway, with the limitations of a low ceiling, a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn appetite on a Lowe’s budget, and the fact that paying retail for ANYTHING gives me hives, I’ve made some purchases!

I’ve only been able to put it together in my head so far, so I created a collage. This is the look I’m going for.


What do you think about the oval medicine cabinets (I’ll need two)? Rob and I went round and round about this one. I love the white framed, cottagey looking ones. But he loves the inside space of these. I had actually picked them out a couple of years ago and then changed my mind. However, I think I have a solution to their contemporary look. I’ve asked him to install a plank wall behind them. I think it will really give it the vintage farmhouse?, beach house?, cottage?, whitewashed lodge?, look that I love. We’ll see how it all works together. Now we have to get to work. I’ll post pictures as we make progress, so stay tuned!