Make a Candy Bouquet.

There's a certain someone that I know and she loves her some candy! She also has a special anniversary the day before Valentine's Day. I wanted a lot of candy in this bouquet and if I ordered it at a certain store, it would cost a small fortune. So, I decided to do it myself. I rummaged around in my craft cabinet and found the cute red container. The rest of it was mostly from the dollar store (actually Deals). The finished arrangement has lots of fun candy and fluffy stuff. I used flower foam, the kind for artificial flowers, not fresh. I had some floral tape on hand which I put over the top after hot glueing the foam into the container. This one will be shipped, so I wanted it extra secure. I used a little dab of hot glue to adhere skewers to the candy. It's only on the paper so the candy is still edible. It didn't even melt any of the chocolate! Bravo! I put two candy hearts together and glued them back to back on a skewer to look like little flowers. I then took a square of cellophane (the kind that is on the roll and it's used to wrap baskets, etc) poked a hole in it with the pointed end of the skewer and then scrunched it under the chocolate heart flowers. I secured it with a small piece of scotch tape. Then I covered each skewer with some leftover white tinsel garland that I had from Christmas. However, you could use a Valentine garland or florists tape or whatever suits you. I just put a dot of glue, applied the garland, twirled it around the stick and then finished with another dot of glue. For the candy rings, I just gathered the wrapper around the stick and secured it with scotch tape. Firmly push all of your skewers into the foam and cover the base with shredded paper, color of your choice. I used white. I also added some lollipops, just pushed in the foam and cupcake toppers that look like little Valentine cards. The possibilities of color combos and things you could add are unlimited. I would like to do another one that is very vintagey looking and use a milk glass vase and white chocolate, and a retro one with old fashioned candy and cards. Let me know if you make one!

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