Quick Decoupage Project

Last Christmas my oldest son and his wife gave me the cutest tea box full of a variety of tea bags. I decided to practice decoupage on it. I'm no expert but it was really simple and only took about 30 minutes.
It's a very nice box but you know I can't leave well enough alone! I noticed some wooden tea boxes at Hobby Lobby if you want to do this project for the tea lover on your list.
First I just cut out various rectangles and squares of scrapbooking paper that I liked together. I applied it with slightly thinned white glue (such as Elmer's). Then I smoothed it out and kind of burnished it onto the box. I used my fingers, the back of a Christmas card, and a paper towel. I'm sure there are more professional tools for this job but I just grabbed what was on hand!
I used scissors and a razor knife to trim the edges.
Here's the finished box. I'm letting it dry overnight and then sealing it with Mod Podge. I've also heard of using varathane, which I'll probably use on a tray that I plan on decoupaging because it will get harder use.
Inside of the box. I just love it. Can't wait until tea time!
Another quick project is sachets. I made these for a raffle this weekend. I stuffed them with fiberfill and added a few drops of Lemon Sage & Ginger essential oil to each one. The smell was heavenly. They're great in your drawers or out in a basket but wouldn't they be nice to run in the dryer instead of chemical filled dryer sheets! I'll definitely be making more of these! Well, gotta go work on that tray, and wrapping, and baking, and cleaning.....

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