Where to find paint for free or pretty close to it!

If you've been itching to get your hands on some paint for a room or piece of furniture but you can't (or don't want to) take it out of the budget, I have some ideas for you. If you're willing to be flexible on your colors then you just might be in luck. First, I'm sure that most of you know about the mis-tinted or "oops" paint. These paints are usually drastically reduced because the color was made up wrong or the customer didn't like it after it was mixed. I just bought a gallon of a very pretty off white for several furniture projects and it only cost me $5. It's a very good quality paint for a lot less money. If it's a white or light color and you want something else, you could always ask if they will add a little color to it for a couple of bucks. They might be willing to. You never know unless you ask. Another place that I have scored some great paint is at garage sales. I chuckle when I think about the last time I found some. As my friend and I were getting out of the car, the man holding the sale was waving his hand at me saying, "It's all guy stuff here." He was sure there wouldn't be a thing that us girlie girls would be interested in. I left with several brand new cans of spray paint, primer, and some wood decals. My friend bought an adorable glass topped rattan table and chairs for her patio. She also bought the spray paint to freshen it up. We payed fifty cents per can of name brand paint. It was a bargain! Another thought is to check out your friend's garage. I would recommend waiting until they're home. Seriously, they just might have some extra paint sitting around that they don't need anymore but haven't gotten around to getting rid of it yet. Speaking of getting rid of it, where does all of that paint go that we can't put in the regular trash? I found out that my city has a recycling center for paint and other chemicals. They have paint, stain and other items that were set out at the trash. During certain hours, anyone can go and pick out what they need for FREE. My kinda price! My husband found a full gallon of an earthy, olive green to use on our Chicken house. I found a quart of a rich chocolate brown and a Martha Stewart gallon of a Robin's egg blue. It's hit or miss, but if you find the location in your city, you can check it out often. Well, I hope that I've inspired you to get painting no matter what your budget. Paint can really change the mood of a room and update a piece of furniture. So if your budget or time constraints don't allow for a major remodel right now, cheer your space up with some paint!

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