War Eagle Mill

Have you ever baked your own bread? How about some Buckwheat pancakes or Blue cornbread? If you would like to give it a try I have a great place for you to order Organic flours, cornmeal and many other delicious goodies. According to their website, "War Eagle Mill's history begins with the story of a tenacious pioneer couple, Sylvanus and Katherine Blackburn, who understood the importance of fresh, natural food in the lives of families as far back as 1832 when the first mill was built."
I get the pleasure of visiting the three story mill and shopping for my goods in person. We usually try to make a stop at the Bean Palace restaurant that overlooks the War Eagle river. However, if you aren't going to be in the Northwest Arkansas area anytime soon, they'll send you a free catalog! The surrounding property that the mill sits on is also the location of a huge craft fair twice a year. My son and I counted license plates from 20+ states in the fall.
Just thought you would like to know about this unique location that is steeped in history and offers some great products for a healthy lifestyle also!

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