Pottery Barn Why Do You Torture Me So?

Just when I was so proud of myself for staying focused and on a budget I decided to go "browse" at Pottery Barn. What was I thinking?! There it was in all of it's fresh green and white glory. This beautiful, Crewel work duvet cover and shams. I picked up the pillow sham and saw $49. I put it down quickly! I went immediately and checked out TJ Maxx and Dillard' s (they're having a comforter clearance right now) hoping against hope that I could find something comparable that I didn't have to own an Oil field to afford. Nothing even close! I haven't given up. I'll stalk PB store and website until they clearance them out. Hey, they've got to get tired of them sometime and I'll be ready!
Of course I'll probably need one of these new Seagrass chairs to go with it!