Cottage Drive By

I was running errands in a town about a half hour from mine. I made a little detour because I knew there were some cute cottages to drool over! It’s hard for a cottage to look good in the winter so I’m always keeping my eye out for new ideas. Cruise through the neighborhood with me, k?

I love the garden structures and grey railing on this one. Pretty yummy, right?IMG_5974  IMG_5975How about some color?  IMG_5976 IMG_5993IMG_5991IMG_5994Vine covered walls.

IMG_5978 IMG_6001Details.

IMG_5980That’s a neat idea. Cute white fence to define the front porch area.IMG_5996

Where was this door when I was shopping for my new front door? The orange really pops against the grey.IMG_5998

It seems they’re doing some work on this house. The black shutters make it look elegant. We’ll have to drive by again when it’s done! IMG_6006 This divider, trellis, fence thingy is awesome. I might be tempted to grow peas up it!IMG_5987 Hmm. Cottage or castle? It’s definitely different.IMG_5988I really like the cottages that have evergreen bushes and trees around the entry. What a difference it makes in the winter.   IMG_5983IMG_5985IMG_5992      IMG_5990IMG_5981IMG_5995 IMG_6000 Wow. Check out this modern cottage. Don’t you wonder what it looks like on the inside?IMG_6005

Well, I’m off home. Our drive ended too soon. Until next time, keep glammin’ up that cottage.