Hand-made Gifts & Cheap, Chic Gift Wrap

SPOILER ALERT* Kari, do not look at this post!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way….Are things starting to pile up at your house like they are at mine?


I’m getting last minute gifts finished and wrapped. Then the cooking and fun will begin. At times I feel like the hair (rabbit?) from Alice in Wonderland. Constantly checking my watch and thinking, “I’m late.” But truly it just goes with the territory and it’s not my first Rodeo, or Christmas.

So here are a few handmade gifts for the cutie AKA my new grandbaby.

IMG_5824 IMG_5826

I did a little of the stitching by hand and some by machine. Used wonder under to iron on the appliqués. Not really difficult projects but just took a little time.

I also wanted to show you my Daughter-in-law’s cool, eco-chic, green, just plain fun gift wrap ideas. She’s a gift wrap guru!

IMG_5830 IMG_5828 IMG_5829

She used scraps of yarn for the pom pom bows, comics, upcycled some brown bags, and twine. Super cute! She also used a metallic marker to add a chevron pattern and other designs. The tags were cut out of cereal box cardboard with faux bois contact paper added to the front.Very low cost but doesn’t feel like it. Love that!

Now I’m off to decoupage a wooden tray.