Stand Back, I Have Chalkboard Paint and I’m Not Afraid to Use It!


I love chalkboard paint. I know it’s probably not going to be a “thing” in a couple of years but it’s so easy and if you change your mind, easy to change. My 12 yr old found this little drawer thing (chest of drawers?) at the back of a thrift shop. He’s developing quite the junkin’ eye. It was under $5.


The drawers are made out of old crates. The old labels are still intact on the back. Love. However, I didn’t love the scary yellow drawer fronts. What to do? Chalkboard paint to the rescue.


After I painted it, I was going to put it on my kitchen counter and put my spices in the drawers,in alphabetical order! So exciting. However, it turned out that this puppy was too big to fit under my upper cabinets. So, I decided to use it in my new sewing/creative “nook”. I broke all the decorating rules and have put a work space in my bedroom. We have a SMALL sitting area that attached to our bedroom. I have tried several different furniture arrangements trying to lure my husband into a quaint little spot for us to sip tea. Nope. He never would bite and I quote, “I only go in certain areas of the house.”

O…K… So why not use it for my special space? I thought that it might be too cluttery and get on my nerves. So far, I love it. Here’s a sneak peak. I’m not done yet.





I’ve had this cute little metal piece for years. It hasn’t ever really fit in anywhere so I’m using it for paintbrushes and supplies right now. It’s fun but I don’t know if it will last. I’m more of a, “clutter is put away behind cabinet doors”, kind of girl. We’ll see.IMG_2545

My inspiration board is just a large bulletin board. I painted the frame white, cut burlap to fit and attached it with upholsterer’s tacks. Simple and cheap!IMG_2546


All of the delish Amy Butler patterns waiting for my attention!IMG_2547

My only fabric storage is in this cabinet, these baskets, and under my bed. Now if you don’t sew, you’re thinking it’s a lot of space. If you sew, you’re thinking, “poor girl”! IMG_2558

So that’s the peak for now. More later. On to my next chalkboard project. I don’t have a before picture.However, in it’s former life it was two, large vintage windows. All of the glass was intact and I got them for free!


All it needed was a little chalkboard paint and picture hanging hardware on the back. I decided to leave the original, chippy white finish on the frame. A large, blank wall in my kitchen has proved to be the perfect spot. Pretend my floor trim is painted. I do.


We use it everyday. Mostly for school and chore assignments. My son has gotten to the point that he’s completely indignant if he’s called on to do something that “wasn’t written on the board.” IMG_2553

We added a picture light that I’ve had from the old Bombay Company. I’ve had it in the box for about 15 years waiting for the right spot. I’m weird that way.

IMG_2552 Bessie approves.

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