Winter Thoughts

I've been spending my time going through paperwork, putting away mounds of laundry and sitting as close to the fireplace as possible during this Arctic blast cold front. I absolutely hate the cold but it does make me chuckle that most of the world is experiencing unusually cold temperatures during "global warming". My hens are all tucked into their little chalet house with a heat lamp on. They're getting extra rations of oatmeal and kitchen scraps. They're taking it in stride and laying eggs right through the cold. The herbs in my front flower bed have finally turned brown. They were fresh and usable right through the holidays. I decided to be like the pioneers and hang quilts on all of my north facing windows. It has actually made a real difference. I always thought that the draftiness was from the high ceiling in my living room and the fireplace when not lit. It seems that it's just old 1980 windows that are the problem. Replace windows. Add it to the list. Until then the quilts will stay up as I work on making some "proper" interlined curtains. In the meantime I've started receiving seed catalogs. Oh the pure bliss of pouring a hot cup of tea while studying about the possibilities of this spring's garden. I can already smell the fresh earth and taste the sun ripened tomatoes. I'm planning for a cutting garden this year also. Can't wait. So that is what's happening in my part of the world. Hope you're staying warm, happy, and healthy. Until next time.