Mirror, mirror on the wall.........

I have to admit that when I spot a beautiful mirror at a tag sale or flea market my heart beats a little faster. I stealthily move toward it like a wild cat hunting it's prey. Ok, I'm obsessed with mirrors! But who can blame me? They have a silvery shimmer that bounces light around the room, perfect to open up a small space. The shape of the frame is unlimited. Unlike traditional artwork, mirrors are beautiful whether they are round, square, ornate or simple. I don't have a lot of "things" hanging on my walls because I'm very particular and on a tiny budget. Two circumstances that don't usually live well together. However, I can indulge in mirrors to my heart's content. What about you? Do you use mirrors as artwork?
Don't limit mirrored surfaces to the wall!
A grouping of smaller mirrors can have the same impact as a large one.
Flea market finds turned into art.
A collection can look well thought out when grouped together and it's so fun to find more! photos: www.apfgroup.com, www.ehow.com, www.realsimple.com, www.southernaccent.com, www.countryliving.com

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