Dreaming of Gardens

I've been a very bad Holiday blogger. My New Year's resolution is to keep up with this blog or forget it completely! Although I must say that all of you wonderful bloggers that posted your Christmas decorations and happenings kept me in the creative mood when I was overwhelmed. Thank you so much! So now we're back to school and my mind is wandering to garden and landscape plans for the spring. The front of our house still needs a lot of work in the greenery department! I am also planning a very productive Organic garden. I haven't had one since we moved into this house (4+) years ago. The soil here is ROCK, so we'll have to be putting in some raised beds and amending the soil A LOT. We did some advance planning(rare around here) and started a compost pile last summer, so we'll have some rich compost to add to the mix. Of course adding in the garden structures is where things get tricky (pricey). So we're trying to make a plan and count the cost at this point. I still have a master bathroom with concrete floors and not the pretty kind. I don't want to go overboard with garden expenses. I would love for you to share your budget garden tips with me! We toured a historic Bed and Breakfast before Christmas and I got a few shots of the garden area, which was truthfully my favorite part. Maybe the pictures will inspire you also. Happy New Year!

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