How to Live with a Broken Heart

Have you ever been broken hearted? If you have teenagers, then you may know where I'm coming from. I've heard it said that life is like a swimming pool. There is the shallow end where it is fun to splash around and easy to rest on the steps. Then there is the deep end where you have to swim, tread water, or drown! That's where I am right now. I've been swimming alright but when I feel myself start to tread water, I head over to the shallow end for a short time. For someone on the outside looking into my life, it might seem strange. How could you be gardening or laughing at a funny movie in the middle of crisis? Spending some time in prayer and the shallow end of the pool is the only way that I know to regain strength for the deep end! There was a period of time that I felt my endless search for beauty and creativity was a waste of energy. I've come to learn that it is a gift that God has given me to de-pressurize and come back to center. I've also learned that "It's cheaper than therapy" is a true saying! Happy swimming! Tanya :)

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