Computer viruses, chickens, and cameras!

I haven't posted in the last few days because I've had a computer virus! It seems like it's always something with the techno "stuff". Thankfully I have my hubby and kids that all know more about most of this stuff than I do (even my 10 year old). Now we can move on. Rob (my hubby) is starting a new blog about the 9 girls that we keep in a pen in the backyard. Of course I'm talking about our chickens!!! Don't worry, they are spoiled to pieces. But you'll hear all about that soon enough. They will be laying eggs anytime now, so hopefully we can share the exciting news on his blog! Stay tuned. On another note, I've been looking around at new cameras. The one I have is pitiful (and I'm being generous). I really like the features and the price of the Olympus DSLR e-520. It's the new model that came out this May. Although I'm very tempted by the great kit deals with the e-510 right now. I WANT those two lenses. Rob wants to purchase an extra macro lense. So what do you think? Do you have one of these cameras? How is working out for you. I would LOVE some feedback!!! Tanya :)

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