Passion for Picnics

I'm soooo excited! It's time for picnics, one of my favorite summer distractions and I found this great picnic backpack for $3. at a garage sale. Ok, so I was supposed to be at home having my own garage sale (it was our neighborhood sale) but I couldn't resist a quick scan of the neighbor's offerings! My sister showed up and busted me. I couldn't believe that she was hobbling out of her car with a brace on her leg, wagging her finger at me. She was really just upset that I had beat her to it! Anyway, I scored this brand new picnic set, an amazing Mosaic table and chairs for my deck, a fabulous, huge, black and white basket and some other fun stuff! Well my son and I had to have a picnic right away. Guess what? Even PB&J tasted better with our elegant setting! We gave the leftovers to the chickens (the girls) and they loved them. I used a bottle with a cork in it and made my own lemonade to put in the section that was supposed to be for a bottle of wine. Fun stuff and inexpensive entertainment! Give me some feedback and tell me about your favorite picnic memories! Tanya :)

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