My Dream Home List!

So this past Saturday was Father's Day but it was also my Wedding Anniversary. My hubby and I wanted to do something special so we went to the cutest (and tastiest) Mexican Restaurant and then......we went and drove by all of the cute cottages we could find! Ok, it doesn't seem very romantic but I know that all of my cottage fanatic friends can relate. Besides, we did go to the farm store and look at "chicken stuff" too. My husband was happy about that! I took pictures of some of the cottages and I've posted a few of my favorites. I hope you like them too! We also went into an Open house and this cottage had a library and a greenhouse! Those are two things on my list for my DREAM cottage. Here's the whole list. 1. A library with built in shelves with lots of natural light and a big white slipcovered squashy chair and ottoman. 2. A greenhouse that is attached to the house and filled with citrus trees, orchids and ripe tomatoes year round. 3. A huge laundry room with a built in ironing board and mending (sewing) area. Also lots of storage cabinets and surfaces for folding clothes. I would love it to be stocked with lavender and citrus scented soaps and fabric softeners! 4. A master bedroom suite with French doors that open to a private stone patio with fragrant heirloom roses, ivy and maybe some exotic grasses surrounding it. Brunch anyone? 5. A studio with lots of natural light and plenty of storage for every kind of creative endeavor from scrap booking to sewing to painting! (I'm actually working on this one in my loft, pictures to come soon) 6. An English garden complete with an evergreen (Privet hedge?) maze. I would also like a full-blown French potager type garden with veggies and flowers mixed in together. Don't forget the cutting garden where I could gather armloads of fragrant blossoms to fill the house with every week. Of course a beautiful and inspiring potting shed would need to be there too! 7. A huge Great room with a large, wood-burning fireplace, terra-cotta tile floors and arched floor to ceiling windows. This would be the gathering room for holidays, birthdays, showers, etc. So these are a few requirements of my dream home. What's on your dream list?

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